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Core Activities | Umthathi Training Project

Core Activities

  • Developmental training in establishing and cultivating school, community and backyard food where a growing number of people are able to produce their own food in a sustained and self-determined way and are able to feed themselves nutritiously by planting their own vegetables;
  • Teaching people to know and use ecological and socially responsible methods for food production;
  • Education and training in understanding the important link between nutrition and hygiene to health;
  • Encouraging the intake of vegetables thereby ensuring family nutrition for sustainable livelihoods;
  • Training in cost effective and nutritious cooking methods (hot boxes and solar cookers);
  • Education in developing safe, effective hygiene and health practices for a healthy life;
  • Providing understanding of and access to the information on chronic diseases and HIV/Aids;
  • Training in home based healthcare and the preparation and use of home remedies;
  • Entrepreneurial development through training programmes;
  • Training in diverse livelihood strategies so that people can use their home resources more efficiently through better budgeting and planning and increasing the potential for cash income;
  • Facilitating women empowerment and focusing on the strengthening of women's groups and providing support in team building, economic self-sufficiency, the women's role in community development and developing positive self-esteem and cooperation amongst groups;
  • Promoting the sustainable management, conservation and cultivation of indigenous and medicinal plants;
  • Skills development in understanding and coping with the adverse effects of climate change;
  • Restoration of degraded land.